WWW> TB/HIV Research Laboratory, Brown University

Gabriel Meister Gabriel_Meister at Postoffice.Brown.EDU
Thu Mar 16 01:39:26 EST 1995

Announcing the, well, existence of the TB/HIV Research Laboratory WWW home
page at the Brown University WWW server, Providence, RI:


The TB/HIV Research Laboratory is dedicated to the study of tuberculosis
(TB) and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including their
immunopathogenesis, epedemiology, and social impact.

Likewise, the Laboratory has undertaken the development of novel
algorithms useful for the prediction of T cell epitopes from protein
primary structure.  Our two novel algorithms, OptiMer and EpiMer, are
described in detail at the URL above.

Drop by!  -----------> Gabriel Meister, Research Assistant
                       TB/HIV Research Laboratory
                       Box G/B-473, Brown University
                       Providence, RI 02912 USA
                       (Gabriel_Meister at Postoffice.Brown.EDU)

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