Wildlife Ecology Software available via WWW and ftp

Robb Diehl diehl at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 17 23:02:40 EST 1995

The Illinois Natural History Survey has opened an internet accessible 
distribution site for wildlife ecology related software.  

Software includes home range programs, population-level analysis programs,
and some general statistical packages.  Some programming language code is
also available (i.e. Charles Krebs' companion statistical programs from
Ecological Methodology).  Most was written for pc-based platforms, but
some may be compiled on other platforms.

We solicit programs within the following categories for inclusion at this
site: habitat analysis, diversity indices, simulation, general population
dynamics, capture/recapture, survival, energetics, statistics, home range,
telemetry, data collection, and other wildlife ecology related categories
that have not occurred to us.

The site may be accessed via...
     FTP to nhsbig.inhs.uiuc.edu 
     WWW to http://nhsbig.inhs.uiuc.edu/
Dial-up access is not supported.

This software site continues to develop.  As other similar sites come
online, we would appreciate being made aware of them.  Any input is
welcome and should be sent to admin at nhsbig.inhs.uiuc.edu (Robert Diehl).


Robert H. Diehl (217) 244-0371
Ronald P. Larkin

   Illinois Natural History Survey          
   607 E. Peabody Drive
   Champaign, IL   61820

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