INSULIN/bionet.cellbiol.insulin PASSES: 132 YES to 1 NO

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Wed Mar 22 17:49:02 EST 1995

The proposal to create INSULIN/bionet.cellbiol.insulin passed with 132
YES votes to 1 NO vote.

Since this is a moderated newsgroup, we will create it as soon as it
appears in the list of moderated USENET newsgroups on the net.  This
can sometimes take a while to appear, i.e., weeks, so please do not
send in subscription requests until a formal announcement of the
group's availability appears on BIONEWS/bionet.announce.


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Proposal to establish INSULIN/bionet.cellbiol.insulin (moderated)

Proposed USENET name:           bionet.cellbiol.insulin

Proposed mailing list name:     INSULIN-ACTION

Proposed email addresses:       insulin at
                                insulin at

Moderator's address:            insulin-moderator at

Moderator:                      T.S. Pillay, MD, PhD
                                University of California San Diego
                                Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism
                                Dept. of Medicine, Mail code 0673
                                9500 Gilman Drive
                                La Jolla, CA  92093-0673
                                Tel: 619-534-8898
                                Fax: 619-534-7181
                                tpillay at


To create a worldwide forum via the Internet for scientists studying
the chemistry of insulin; the biology of insulin receptor signal
transduction; insulin resistance; insulin-like growth factor I
receptors and related tyrosine kinase receptors; insulin degradation.
The biology of related hormones and receptors will be included in so
far as they have a bearing on research in this field.  This forum will
enable intimate discussion and exchange relating to scientific issues
in this research area and facilitate the flow of information relating
to research in this field..


Discuss pertinent issues relating to research in the insulin field.

1) Journal club- discussion of recently published  papers and an
opportunity to field questions to authors . Suggestions for papers will
invited from readers.

2) Forthcoming papers- authors who have papers in press are invited to
submit the abstracts of their papers for perusal by the scientific
community.  Also authors may wish to make manuscripts available by FTP.

3) Focuspoint - discussion of current issues in the biology of insulin
action, controversial or otherwise

4) Meeting announcements- meetings of relevance to this field can be
announced through this forum.

5) Reagents wanted/offered

6)Technical section- experimental problems can be discussed in this section.

7) Positions offered or wanted

Status:  Moderated

Moderation policy:

Moderator will primarily serve as a discussion leader and seek to
maintain order in the discussion threads and prevent "flaming" and
unauthorized advertising by companies.

Exclusions: Issues not related to the newsgroup purpose and charter.

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