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Wed Mar 22 19:15:06 EST 1995

In August 1995, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press will begin
publication of a new, monthly, international, peer-reviewed journal,
GENOME RESEARCH. The journal will focus on genome studies in all
species, including genetic and physical mapping, DNA sequencing, gene
discovery, informatics, statistical and mathematical methods and
genome structure and function, as well as technological innovations
and applications. New data in these areas will be published as
research papers, review articles, short reports, and summaries of
physical mapping and large-scale sequencing projects. GENOME RESEARCH
will incorporate PCR METHODS & APPLICATIONS, which for the past 4
years has published practical papers describing amplification
techniques and their use. 

More information on this new journal, including the members of the
editorial board and the instructions for authors may be found at Cold
Spring Harbor Laboratory's WWW site at:

Investigators are invited to submit papers to:

Judy Cuddihy, Managing Editor
Genome Research
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
One Bungtown Road
Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724
e-mail: cuddihyj at

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