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****HUM-MOLGEN IS.........
HUM-MOLGEN is a general interest communication-list in Human
(Molecular) Genetics. The purpose of the list is to create a
world-wide communication-forum in Genetics.

Subscribers to the list are molecular biologists, geneticists,
clinicians, biology and medical students and other individuals
interested in the field of Human Genetics.


Here is an introduction to the new LITErature section of the
HUM-MOLGEN communication list.  As you know, it is possible to
SET the TOPICS feature of HUM-MOLGEN to include only articles
in your areas of interest.
If you send mail, please send any messages to
HUM-MOLGEN at To target your message to the
LITErature TOPIC, your subject header should look like this
(spaces are important):
     Subject: LITE: Subject of your message
The LITE TOPIC covers various areas and contributions about
articles, the Human Genome Project and Human Molecular Genetics.
Messages concerning these or related relevant subjects are

We aim to provide a useful, focused and condensed Literature source
for busy HUM-MOLGEN subscribers. We need your help to do this, by way of
contributions (HUM-MOLGEN is YOUR communication-list), and suggestions
about the way you'd like to see this TOPIC develop.
Areas of LITErature interests include (but suggestions for others are
o- Preview
     -An opportunity for Publishers and others to provide
     HUM-MOLGENeticists with digital information before that
     information appears in hard-copy or CD-ROM.
     For instance: The Journal of Human Molecular Genetics
     does send it's Table of contents to HUM-MOLGEN,
     three weeks before the Journal-issue appears in hard-copy.
     Other Journals are now about to follow!
o- Resources
     -Finding and offering of Literature information
     This is a chance for librarians on HUM-MOLGEN, interested
     in Human Genetics, but also for subscribers who are looking
     for particular books, or articles, recent reviews which are in
     press, out of print, or difficult to get.
o- Books
     -Questions and suggestions about good books or CD-ROMS pertaining
     to certain topics, diseases, or research interests are welcomed
     -Also, announcements, (pre-)views and reviews of certain
     books, CD-roms, articles etc can be mailed to the HUM-
     MOLGEN LITE section.
o- Conference reports and advances
As well as contributions from subscribers, we will cross post
or summarize relevant material from some of the USENET News-
groups, and from other sources on the Internet.
Our aim is to provide a consolidated, personalized and summarized
information source that will bring the best bits of the information
super-highway into your lab, office or home! Instead of searching for
hours on the internet in too many resources, just simply subscribe to
Arthur A.B. Bergen
(LITE TOPIC editor)

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