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Dear netters, the following program lists the expeditions planned by the
Australian and New Zealand scientific exploration society (ANZSES)

I have been on one of these expeditions, and they are a lifetime experie
nce. I learned more on one of these about the Australian ecosystems and
how to survive the Australian bush then I could have ever have.

I recommend that every one and anyone go on one of these at least once i
n their lifetime.

You can either participate as an expedition leader, manager or group lea
der (Expedition cost exempt from rendevous point) or you can go as as a
general expeditioner (Expedition cost around $2000 Australian from RV pt
If you would like more information on any of these expedition you send m
e a small message and I can forward it to ANZSES and/or answer some ques
tions. You can also contact ANZSES directly;
Phone:61-3-866-8699  FAX: 61-3-866-2263
Address; ANZSES, PO Box 174, Albert Park, Victoria, 3260, Australia.
EXPEDDITION AFOGNAK (For man and women of all ages)
This expedition will take place in Alaska in June. Groups of only 18 par
ticipants will spend 12 days working on the prehistoric and contact peri
od archaeology of the Afognal/Kodiak Archipelago, with local researchers
, for the Afognak Native corporation. We can expect to find painted
carved images of animals, birds, and people; carved masks; painted human
figurines; decorated baskets and bowls; technologically complex bone and
ivory harpoon forms; warrior shields and lances; and items of personal
adornment such as bracelets, lip plugs and facial labrets (cheek plugs).
Area is home to Kodiak bears, bald eagles, seals, whales and sea otters-
with 24 hours of daylight to observe them! We have allowed for 6 additio
nal leisure days for independant exploration in Nth America prior to ret
urning Home. This expedition is limited to 18 people so be quick.

EXPEDITION ARCKARINGA II (All women) This expedition will be returning t
o the hills area of South Australia's arid zone to further our archaelog
ical, botanical and zoological surveys there, for the South Australian M
useum, and the National Parks and Wildlife service. This glorious desert
landscape, west of Oodnadatta, will be home to 43 women for 3 weeks in
Sep/Oct 1995.

EXPEDITION GELANTIPY (Youth, 17 to 25 years old). This expedition will w
rk in the high wet forests of the Gelantipy PLateau in remote East Gipp
sland, Victoria, conductig baseline flora and fauna studies for the DCNR
. The damp forest ecosystem of the plateau will present a marked contras
t to the dry rainshadow woodlands of the 1994 youth expedition in nearby
Tingaringy, and should produce a fascinating set of comparative data for
ANZSES participants and out tasking body. December 27 1995 to Jan 27
Again if you need more info give me a yell and I'll do what I can.
P.S. If you apply in groups of 2 or more you get $A100 discounts per

ANZSES is a profit free organization, striving to build scientific skills
and personal development.

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