Announcing Updates to WCMC's Internet Services

Jeremy Harrison jerryh at
Fri Mar 31 00:58:04 EST 1995

The World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC) has just
released the following services on the Internet:
  # Version 1.1 WWW server at
  # Anonymous FTP at
The WWW server has been modified in a number of ways;
 . the WCMC Emergency Response Service has been
   incorporated into the server
 . the graphical navigation tools have been replaced
   by text to improve speed and access to text browsers
 . new information has been added, in particular on the
   Convention on the International Trade in Endangered
   Species (CITES) and Convention on Migratory Species (CMS).
 . all pages have been indexed allowing in-depth searches
 . comments can be made from all pages
The Anonymous FTP site has been fully documented and contains the
following information;
 . full texts of the new WCMC Biodiversity Series:
      1. Biodiversity Data Sourcebook
      2. Biodiversity Information Clearing House
         - concept and challenges
      3. Priorities for Conserving Global Species
         Richness and Endemism
 . details on the CITES convention
 . information about the Centre's activities
We will soon be releasing a metadata service using the CIESIN
Catalog Server.  This will provide further information on WCMC's
data holdings.
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