BIOSCI node at is DOWN!

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Tue Oct 3 22:22:02 EST 1995

The U.S. BIOSCI node is down completely for the night of Oct 3-4.  I
am sending this from my account on Netcom.  We expect to have a
service person out tomorrow morning Pacific Time (California).  All
attempts to bring the machine back up this evening were successful for
only limited time periods, so we shut the system down completely until
it can be serviced.

Because of the extended downtime tonight and for periods during the
last two evenings, the mail queue on the machine will probably be
rather backlogged for several days hereafter.  We will try to get
things back to normal as soon as possible but you can help by
refraining from non-essential, i.e., "chat" postings, for the next few
days.  Thanks in advance.


Dave Kristofferson
BIOSCI Administrator

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