Why flaming spammers is not always a good idea ....

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Wed Oct 4 18:52:15 EST 1995

Why flaming spammers is not always a good idea .... FYI.  We are in
the processing of moderating several BIOSCI newsgroups as a result of
recent spam attacks.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

From: Jason Brittain <spicoli at goodnet.com>


Hello.  I am Jason Brittain, Spicoli at GoodNet.com.  You sent mail to us about
messages on at least one newsgroup that were not about the newsgroup's topic
(commonly known as spamming).  Many of you asked that my account be deleted.

PLEASE note that I did NOT write any of these newsgroup messages!  They were
faked by someone, and we're working on finding out who.  

I am one of the system administrators here at GoodNet, and being an 
administrator at an internet service provider, and having the job of 
creating and deleting accounts makes enemies.  Whoever sent messages out 
over the newsgroups as me must be one of those enemies.  

The particular message you sent mail about is very similar to a message we
had a user spam newsgroups with before.  We promptly killed his account.
This time he's found a way to still send spams from GoodNet.

We are completely aware of this problem.  We are completely aware of the
spam that you sent us mail about.  The only things you have accomplished
by sending mail to us are that my account now has 20 megabytes of mail about
cable TV (over 1,800 mail messages and growing), and some of the partitions 
on our machine which runs our smtp mail server are closer to being full.
This person even ended the message with a signature of my email address, and
a URL of what was supposed to be my personal web page.  I don't even have
a personal web page. 

I'm sorry that GoodNet was at all involved in this hassle, and I'm certainly
sorry that this person chose to tell everyone he was me.

Please do *NOT* reply to this mail message.

Jason Brittain
Spicoli at GoodNet.com

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