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Thu Oct 5 16:34:25 EST 1995


I am at present initiating the development of a Data Bank of Intertidal
Marine Organisms concentrating on the macro/micro size range of organisms. I
would very much value comments and suggestions regarding the proposed
project from teachers or marine biologists involved in similar work. In
particular I am seeking comment regarding how the potential of such a
Data Bank may be viewed, either for research or for teaching, as this will
provide a quide for future thinking regarding development and policy.

Comments regarding funding resources would also be welcome.

The current decision to concentrate on the macro/micro range of
organisms has been taken in view of the widespread availability of video
cameras on the domestic market making it relatively simple for Field
Study Groups to make their own, dedicated, records of many of the larger

Macro/micro video recording on the other hand demands access to far more
sophisticated equipment and the organisms themselves are more difficult
to collect, handle and record.

The Data Bank will be developed in three sections:-

1. Firstly, the development of a library of video sequences which will
both be shot and stored on SVHS format tapes. This is already ongoing
but not as yet publically available.

2. Once a signifigant ground base of visual material has been recorded
it will be 0.broken down and analysed, sequence by sequence, and a "Text only
Data Bank" will be created.

Organisms will be classified and may be referenced by family, Genus or
Species. Access may also be gained via key words or strings such as
"Filter feeders", "Reproduction", "Habitat" etc.

3. Once the Data Bank text has been created, all accompanying video
material will be transferred to an archival storage system such as
CD-ROM, Laser disk, or CD-I.

The Data Bank, text only, will be published and made  available on Internet or
via email or snail mail.

Cross referencing between Data Bank text and video archive will then allow fast
access  to any sequence in response to requests for user copies. It is
however visualised that with the increasing speed of data transmission,
the video records themselves will eventually be available directly on

The Data Bank is aimed at teachers at all educational levels from primary to
tertiary, its first objective being to provide supplementary,
cinematic, visual material for lecture or demonstration purposes.

A secondary objective is to provide source footage for publishers or for
producers of transmitted TV programmes.

To comment or to request further information write to:-

Eric.Lucey at                                      Sept.95 

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