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Mon Oct 9 08:00:06 EST 1995


This message is part of the 1995 BIONEWS/bionet.announce readership

We need these results to help us get future financial support
for the BIOSCI project and also to report to our current funding
agencies, so we would **greatly** appreciate your time in responding
if you have not done so to date.

If you have already replied to the 1995 BIONEWS/bionet.announce
survey, please do not respond again.  Duplicate responses will be
filtered out.

Although you may use your "reply" command to reply to this message,


If your e-mail reply automatically includes this text, please begin a
new blank message to the Internet address survey at net.bio.net.  Due to
the size of the BIOSCI community it is essential that you follow the
directions below carefully so that we can tabulate the results
efficiently!!  Thanks in advance!!

Anyone who reads this message is requested to respond *regardless* of
their location or job affiliation.  Only individual responses will be
counted, i.e. one e-mail/one person.  Other readers at your site
should also respond individually from their account or else they will
not be counted, i.e., you can not send in a vote for them.  Duplicate
votes will be eliminated.  We will be reposting this message weekly
and collecting responses up through the end of October.  Thanks again
for your participation!!

------------------------------- SURVEY -------------------------------

Please send the answers to this survey back to the Internet address

                          survey at net.bio.net

We need to collect responses on two questions below.
Please use the format specified below so that we can tabulate your
responses automatically.


Please find your two letter ISO country code from the list at the end
of this message and include in your reply the line


where you will replace XX by your own country code from the list below
using uppercase letters.  U.K. READERS - please note that the ISO code
for the United Kingdom is "GB" and not "UK."  Please do not insert a
space anywhere in this line.  It should consist only of the five
consecutive characters as indicated above.


Please include the line in your reply


where you substitute X with N if you use NEWS or E if you use E-MAIL.
Please be sure that the N or E is uppercase.  If you use BOTH news
software and e-mail to access BIOSCI, please select the one that you
use most frequently.  If you use a World Wide Web browser such as
Netscape or Mosaic to read BIOSCI/bionet postings, please select N as
your answer to this question.

Please note again that that the body of your mail message
(NOT the Subject: line) to the Internet address survey at net.bio.net


where you substitute the appropriate values for XX and X as instructed
above.  Please do not leave spaces in the lines or change the
formatting in any way except to make substitutions for XX and X as
noted above.  ISO COUNTRY CODES to replace XX are appended below.
Again, U.K. readers please note that the ISO code for the United
Kingdom is "GB" and not "UK."

Thanks in advance for your time and help in sustaining BIOSCI!  The
results of this survey will be posted to BIONEWS/bionet.announce as
soon as they are compiled.


				David Kristofferson, Ph.D.
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net


 AF	Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of)
 AL	Albania (Republic of)
 DZ	Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
 AS	American Samoa
 AD	Andorra (Principality of)
 AO	Angola (People's Republic of)
 AI	Anguilla
 AQ	Antarctica
 AG	Antigua and Barbuda
 AR	Argentina (Argentine Republic)
 AM	Armenia
 AW	Aruba
 AU	Australia
 AT	Austria (Republic of)
 AZ	Azerbaijan
 BS	Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
 BH	Bahrain (State of)
 BD	Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
 BB	Barbados
 BY	Belarus
 BE	Belgium (Kingdom of)
 BZ	Belize
 BJ	Benin (People's Republic of)
 BM	Bermuda
 BT	Bhutan (Kingdom of)
 BO	Bolivia (Republic of)
 BA	Bosnia-Herzegovina
 BW	Botswana (Republic of)
 BV	Bouvet Island
 BR	Brazil (Federative Republic of)
 IO	British Indian Ocean Territory
 BN	Brunei Darussalam 
 BG	Bulgaria (Republic of)
 BF	Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta)
 BI	Burundi (Republic of)
 KH	Cambodia
 CM	Cameroon (Republic of)
 CA	Canada
 CV	Cape Verde (Republic of)
 KY	Cayman Islands
 CF	Central African Republic
 TD	Chad (Republic of)
 CL	Chile (Republic of)
 CN	China (People's Republic of)
 CX	Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
 CC	Cocos (Keeling) Islands
 CO	Colombia (Republic of)
 KM	Comoros (Islamic Federal Republic of the)
 CG	Congo (Republic of the)
 CK	Cook Islands
 CR	Costa Rica (Republic of)
 CI	Cote d'Ivoire (Republic of)
 HR	Croatia
 CU	Cuba (Republic of)
 CY	Cyprus (Republic of)
 CZ	Czech Republic
 DK	Denmark (Kingdom of)
 DJ	Djibouti (Republic of)
 DM	Dominica (Commonwealth of)
 DO	Dominican Republic
 TP	East Timor
 EC	Ecuador (Republic of)
 EG	Egypt (Arab Republic of)
 SV	El Salvador (Republic of)
 GQ	Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
 ER	Eritrea
 EE	Estonia (Republic of)
 ET	Ethiopia (People's Democratic Republic of)
 FK	Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
 FO	Faroe Islands
 FJ	Fiji (Republic of)
 FI	Finland (Republic of)
 FR	France (French Republic)
 GF	French Guiana
 PF	French Polynesia
 TF	French Southern Territories
 GA	Gabon (Gabonese Republic)
 GM	Gambia (Republic of the)
 GE	Georgia (Republic of)
 DE	Germany (Federal Republic of)
 GH	Ghana (Republic of )
 GI	Gibraltar
 GR	Greece (Hellenic Republic)
 GL	Greenland
 GD	Grenada
 GP	Guadeloupe (French Department of)
 GU	Guam
 GT	Guatemala (Republic of)
 GN	Guinea (Republic of)
 GW	Guinea-Bissau (Republic of)
 GY	Guyana (Republic of)
 HT	Haiti (Republic of)
 HM	Heard and McDonald Islands
 HN	Honduras (Republic of)
 HK	Hong Kong
 HU	Hungary (Republic of)
 IS	Iceland (Republic of)
 IN	India (Republic of)
 ID	Indonesia (Republic of)
 IR	Iran (Islamic Republic of)
 IQ	Iraq (Republic of)
 IE	Ireland
 IL	Israel (State of)
 IT	Italy (Italian Republic)
 JM	Jamaica
 JP	Japan
 JO	Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
 KZ	Kazakhstan
 KE	Kenya (Republic of)
 KI	Kiribati (Republic of)
 KP	Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)
 KR	Korea (Republic of )
 KW	Kuwait (State of)
 KG	Kyrgyz Republic
 LA	Lao People's Democratic Republic
 LV	Latvia (Republic of)
 LB	Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)
 LS	Lesotho (Kingdom of)
 LR	Liberia (Republic of)
 LY	Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
 LI	Liechtenstein (Principality of)
 LT	Lithuania
 LU	Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of)
 MO	Macau (Ao-me'n)
 MK	Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of)
 MG	Madagascar (Democratic Republic of)
 MW	Malawi (Republic of)
 MY	Malaysia
 MV	Maldives (Republic of)
 ML	Mali (Republic of)
 MT	Malta (Republic of)
 MH	Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
 MQ	Martinique (French Department of)
 MR	Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
 MU	Mauritius
 YT	Mayotte
 MX	Mexico (United Mexican States)
 FM	Micronesia (Federated States of)
 MD	Moldova (Republic of)
 MC	Monaco (Principality of)
 MN	Mongolia
 MS	Montserrat
 MA	Morocco (Kingdom of)
 MZ	Mozambique (People's Republic of)
 MM	Myanmar (Union of)
 NA	Namibia (Republic of)
 NR	Nauru (Republic of)
 NP	Nepal (Kingdom of)
 NL	Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
 AN	Netherlands Antilles
 NT	Neutral Zone (between Saudi Arabia and Iraq)
 NC	New Caledonia 
 NZ	New Zealand
 NI	Nicaragua (Republic of)
 NE	Niger (Republic of the)
 NG	Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
 NU	Niue 
 NF	Norfolk Island
 MP	Northern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the)
 NO	Norway (Kingdom of)
 OM	Oman (Sultanate of)
 PK	Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
 PW	Palau (Republic of)
 PA	Panama (Republic of)
 PG	Papua New Guinea
 PY	Paraguay (Republic of)
 PE	Peru (Republic of)
 PH	Philippines (Republic of the)
 PN	Pitcairn 
 PL	Poland (Republic of)
 PT	Portugal (Portuguese Republic)
 PR	Puerto Rico
 QA	Qatar (State of)
 RE	Re'union (French Department of)
 RO	Romania 
 RU	Russian Federation
 RW	Rwanda (Rwandese Republic)
 SH	Saint Helena
 KN	Saint Kitts and Nevis 
 LC	Saint Lucia
 PM	Saint Pierre and Miquelon (French Department of)
 VC	Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 WS	Samoa (Independent State of)
 SM	San Marino (Republic of)
 ST	Sao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)
 SA	Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
 SN	Senegal (Republic of)
 SC	Seychelles (Republic of)
 SL	Sierra Leone (Republic of)
 SG	Singapore (Republic of)
 SK	Slovakia 
 SI	Slovenia
 SB	Solomon Islands
 SO	Somalia (Somali Democratic Republic)
 ZA	South Africa (Republic of)
 ES	Spain (Kingdom of)
 LK	Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
 SD	Sudan (Democratic Republic of the)
 SR	Suriname (Republic of)
 SJ	Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands
 SZ	Swaziland (Kingdom of)
 SE	Sweden (Kingdom of)
 CH	Switzerland (Swiss Confederation)
 SY	Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
 TW	Taiwan, Province of China
 TJ	Tajikistan
 TZ	Tanzania (United Republic of)
 TH	Thailand (Kingdom of)
 TG	Togo (Togolese Republic)
 TK	Tokelau 
 TO	Tonga (Kingdom of)
 TT	Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of)
 TN	Tunisia
 TR	Turkey (Republic of)
 TM	Turkmenistan
 TC	Turks and Caicos Islands
 TV	Tuvalu
 UG	Uganda (Republic of)
 UA	Ukraine
 AE	United Arab Emirates
 GB	United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
 US	United States (United States of America)
 UM	United States Minor Outlying Islands
 UY	Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
 UZ	Uzbekistan
 VU	Vanuatu (Republic of, formerly New Hebrides)
 VA	Vatican City State (Holy See)
 VE	Venezuela (Republic of)
 VN	Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
 VG	Virgin Islands (British)
 VI	Virgin Islands (U.S.)
 WF	Wallis and Futuna Islands
 EH	Western Sahara
 YE	Yemen (Republic of)
 YU	Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of)
 ZR	Zaire (Republic of)
 ZM	Zambia (Republic of)
 ZW	Zimbabwe (Republic of)

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