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Pavel KROH kroh at ns.karlov.mff.cuni.cz
Mon Oct 9 18:51:59 EST 1995

A Home Page of 

10th International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy of     
                            Condensed Matter 

has been established at http://kchf-45.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/

Up-to-date information are also avaliable 

via anonymous ftp at ns.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/pub/ICL96/

The conference will be held in Prague, Czech Republic in August 18-23, 1996.

Preliminary applications are accepted before the end of November.

Pavel Kroh, webmaster.


The conference will consist of keynote plenary lectures, invited and 
contributed oral communications in two parallel sessions, and of poster 
sessions. Poster sessions will be utilized for informal and stimulating 
discussions and exchange between participants. 
 1.  Bulk semiconductors 
 2.  Rare-earth and Transition-Metal Ions in  Insulators 
 3.  Microstructures and Restricted Geometries 
 4.  Disordered and Amorphous Materials 
 5.  Organic Materials 
 6.  Fluorescent Probes 
 7.  Biological Systems 
 8.  Point Centers and Defects in Crystals 
 9.  Scintillators 
10.  Non-linear Processes 
11.  Ultra-fast Phenomena 
12.  Coherent Processes  
13.  Excitons and Collective Phenomena 
14.  Energy Transfer and Dynamics 
15.  Electroluminescence 
16.  Fluorescence Microscopy 
17.  Applications in Ecology 
18.  Novel Techniques  
19.  Others 
The scope of  ICL'96 will be open to all aspects of fundamental and applied 
luminescence research, including both experimental and theoretical 
investigations. However, in selecting the contributed and poster papers, 
priority will be given to those with the above given topics. The organizers of 
the ICL'96 also want to present  luminescence applications in modern 
technologies, such as: 
- LED and semiconductor lasers 
- new luminescence materials 
- solid state laser materials, 
- scintillators 
- non-linear organic and inorganic materials 
- ecological monitoring. 
We believe that in the program we will find a good equilibrium both between 
theoretical and experimental aspects of  luminescence research, and between 
presentations of inorganic, organic and biological systems and materials. 

organized before and after the ICL''96: The International Workshop on 
(Prof. H.-E. Gumlich, Technical University Berlin) Berlin, Germany, August 13-
15, 1996 
The 2nd International Conference on Fluorescent Probes and Fluorescence 
Microscopy  (Prof. J. Slavik, Czech  Acad. Sci.) Prague, Czech Republic, 
August 25-28, 1996 
Another meeting - ESCON'96 (Prof M. Schreiber, Technical University Chemnitz-
Zwikau) - related to the ICL'96 will be organized in Bad Schandau, Germany, 
August 15-17, 1996 
I wish to receive for my participation at the ICL'96: 
Second Circular 
Call for Papers 
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phone _____________________________________________________ 
fax   _____________________________________________________ 
J. Hala - ICL'96	
Department of Chemical Physics & Optics
Faculty of Mathematics & Physics
Charles University, CZ 121 16 Prague 2
Ke Karlovu 3, Czech Republic

e-mail: halaicl at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
phone : +422 21911421
fax   : +422 21911249 


Pavel KROH,
Dep. Chem. Physics & Optics,   e-mail: kroh at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
Fac. Maths & Physics,          tel.  : (+42-2) 2191 1307
Charles University PRAGUE      fax   : (+42-2) 2191 1249
Czech Republic		       URL   : http://kchf-45.karlov.mff.cuni.cz

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