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Scientific Conference on Growth Promotion in Meat Production
Albert Borschette Conference Centre, rue Froissart 36, B-1040 Brussels
                     29, 30 November, 1 December 1995
The European Commission is sponsoring a major scientific conference on the
subject of growth promotion in meat production which will take place in 
Brussels from 29 November to 1 December 1995.  The conference will be under 
the chairmanship of Sir John Maddox (editor of the magazine 'Nature').  

The Conference format will enable contributors to assess critically the 
latest available information on the development and use of growth promoting 
substances, the risk that the use (and misuse) of certain substances can 
entail in terms of human and animal health, and on strategies and methods 
for identifying substances and their uses.

There will be three main topics, namely, existing and emerging growth 
enhancing substances, assessment of health risks, and methods of detection 
and surveillance.  The conference will begin with substantive papers on 
these topics presented by scientists of international repute.  

The topics will be explored in greater detail in the course of workshops,
chaired respectively by Professor James Roche, (Veterinary Faculty, 
University College Dublin), Professor Fritz Ungemach, (Institute of 
Pharmacology, University of Leipzig), and Dr Jan Rud Andersen, (Danish
Meat Research Institute);  the workshops will be the forum for discussion 
of a series of papers, on individual aspects, presented by participating 
scientists.  The conference will end with a plenary  session where the 
conference findings will be discussed. 

As the object is to have a comprehensive review of the present state of
knowledge in this field, the Steering Committee for the conference would 
welcome relevant written material of a scientific nature  which 
non-participating scientists might wish to bring to the attention of the
conference.  Data or general comments will be acknowledged and, if received
before 10 November, will be put through a process of peer review. 
Comments and data received after that date will be acknowledged and read
by the Steering Committee, but will necessarily be given more cursory

[The Steering Committee is chaired by Sir John Maddox and includes  also
Professor Francois Andre, (Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, Nantes, France); 
Professor Carlos Van Peteghem (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University
of Ghent, Belgium);  and Dr Francis W Kenny, (Central Meat Control Laboratory,
Dublin, Ireland).]  

Further information from:  

Mr Luis Quevedo Ley
Commission of the European Union
Rue de la Loi 130 (Office 8/172)
B-1049 Bruxelles

e-mail address:  conf95 at

Telephone:  +32.2.295 05 60
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