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            | CHINESE MEDICAL NEWS |

    free released twice a month   from November 15, 1995 
    through e-mail to you
                    prepared by * BEIJING CONS BIO-TECH *

    Mainly concern: 
    Chinese latest reserach, technology & market information, 
    Chinese biomedical & pharmaceutical regulations and rules, 
    Answers to any requests on information in special field. 
    Wish to connect Chinese and foreign partners, and help foreign 
    companies know more about China.
    Topic of first issue includes:

    * Biotech Products which Applied Protection ( latest released )
    * Development of Chinese Biotech Drugs
    * Intellectual Property in the field of Biotech Products
    * Quality Inspection Standard of in vitro Diagnostic Kits ( 2nd Batch )
    * Introduction of the Chinese Association of Medicinal Biotechnology

    If you want to receive CMNews on time, please send a e-mail back
    to wangyq at or wangyq at
    and type "CMNews" on the subject line. 

    And if you have any information about foreign interests to Chinese 
    market, or if you have any special request on Sion-foreign cooperation, 
    please fell free to tell me. Thank you.

    Wang Yuquan                                              
    Beijing Cons Bio-Tech

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