Electronic PHS398 Form

Dennis Blakeslee djblakes at ix.netcom.com
Mon Oct 30 20:12:06 EST 1995

A full electronic (WYSIWIG) version of the new PHS398 NIH Grant
Application form (Rev. 5/95) has been approved by the NIH Division of
Research Grants and is now available to individuals and institutions.
The file contains all grants pages, including the face and checklist
pages, and has spreadsheet capabilities--all dollar amounts and
indirect costs are calculated automatically and entered in the correct
fields. Also, the form can be customized for use at a particular site,
with information such as addresses, phone numbers, performance site,
and appropriate check marks entered already entered when the form is

An electronic version of the PHS2590 is also availble.

The previous version of the phs398 (and the 2590) has been in
widespread use at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA for
the past three years.

These forms run on a commercial (Delrina) software "filler" program
(with which I am in no way affiliated) and only Windows and UNIX
versions are currently available--a Mac version of the filler has been
promised but has not yet been released.

For information on obtaining these forms as well as customization
services, contact:

Dennis Blakeslee
djblakes at ix.netcom.com

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