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Grigory E. Vilchek gvilchek at
Mon Oct 30 19:32:28 EST 1995

Dear colleagues!
     The main  subject  of  the  conference is Arctic environment
(marine and terrestrial both)  status,  ecosystems  anthropogenic
disturbance, natural resource management,  contradictions between
Arctic industrial development, nature and traditional economy and
life style  of  northern aboriginal peoples,  nature conservancy,
ecosystem restoration,   and   any   other   issues    concerning
environmental problems  of the Arctic.  Russian Arctic (including
Polar Ocean basin,  tundra and northern woodland zones) is a main
focus of  the conference,  besides information on any circumpolar
region is welcome.
     We hope  that the conference will facilitate the exchange by
information, discussions and  personal  contacts  between  arctic
researchers, managers,  authorities  and  non-governmental  green
organizations, and will help to develop the adequate strategy  of
environment management and protection in the Arctic.
     You are  welcome  in  our  conference  with  any   kind   of
information: results  of  scientific research,  special review of
some problem,  book  reviews,  advertisements   of   conferences,
congresses, meetings   and   their   summaries,   proposals   for
cooperation, etc. Conference language is English.
     Warning! Materials  submitted  to  the  conference  are  not
protected by  copyright.  Anyway,  reproducing  in  any  form  or
distributing materials  in  other  conferences you have to notice
its authorship!
     Conference is available in GlasNet through Internet.  If you
have any questions,  don't hesitate to ask conference facilitator:
Dr. Gregory Vilchek,
Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences
29 Staromonetny, Moscow 109017 Russia
Phone: (7-095) 238-1822
Fax: (7-095) 230-2090
E-mail: gvilchek at

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