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Tue Sep 5 16:37:03 EST 1995

Subject: DIMACS Special Year in Mathematical Support for Molecular
	Biology, Part II

DIMACS is pleased to announce the continuation of its "Special Year" in
Mathematical Support for Molecular Biology.

The program, begun during the 1994-95 year, will continue during 1995-96
with a series of seminars, workshops, and miniWorkshops, as well as
a postdoctoral and visitors program.

A draft calendar of events is appended.  We hope to add a few events and 
would welcome suggestions and expressions of interest in participating.
Special Year in Mathematical Support for Molecular Biology, 1995-96
Draft of 8/29/95

Locations of Events:

	Events are to be held at CoRE Building, Busch Campus, Rutgers
	University, except as noted.

Special Year Seminar Series:

	There will be a special year seminar series, held weekly, at
	a time to be announced.  Most seminars will be
	at DIMACS-Rutgers, but some will be at the Princeton
	University Computer Science Building or at the Waksman Institute
	for Molecular Genetics at Rutgers, and others will be at the
	Genome Center at University of Pennsylvania.

September 1995:
	13-15:  Algorithm Implementation Challenge Workshop
		(fragment assembly and genome rearrangement)

	21-22:  MiniWorkshop on Mathematics of Drug Discovery

October 1995:
	13-15:  MiniWorkshop on Gene-Finding and Gene Structure Prediction
		 (To be held at the Genome Center at Univ. of Pennsylvania)

March 1996:
	4-6:  Second Sandia National Laboratories Workshop on Computational
	      Molecular Biology, organized in collaboration with DIMACS
		 (To be held in Albuquerque, N.M.)

May 1996:
	Dates to be set:  MiniWorkshop on Mathematical Hierarchy and Biology
	Dates to be set:  Workshop on Computational Biology, as part of
			  the 50th Anniversary of ENIAC, organized in
		          collaboration with DIMACS
				(To be held at University of Pennsylvania)

Organizers: Joachim Messing and Fred Roberts (chairs), Lawrence Shepp
	and Michael Waterman (co-chairs), Martin Farach (Assistant Chair)

Further information:  special at dimacs.rutgers.edu, (908)455-5928

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