ELBA Conference '96

Elisabetta Cristiano elisa at tbchip.pst-elba.it
Thu Sep 7 11:06:12 EST 1995

   Marciana Marina, 3 August 1995
   To the participants
   Subject: EL.B.A. Foundation Conference on 
   "Genome Structure and Function"
   June 14-25, 1996.
   Dear Sir,
   the EL.B.A. Foundation, an international research foundation
   comprising institutions from Italy, Russia, USA and with participation
   of the European Union, Japan and Sweden, with the seat in the Isle of
   Elba, Italy, has recently launched a series of regular conferences and
   scientific workshops on various subjects.
   Within this scheme, the first EL.B.A. Foundation Conference on "Genome
   structure and function" will be held in Marciana Marina, Isle of Elba,
   Italy, on June 14-25, 1996, with the co-sponsorship of North Atlantic
   Treaty Organization as a "NATO Advanced Study Institute".
   The meeting will be co-directed by Prof. Claudio Nicolini, President
   of the EL.B.A. Foundation, and Prof. Konstantin Skryabin, Director of
   the Center "Bioengineering", Moscow, Russia.
   Besides the keynote lectures, the program of which is attached, short
   presentations on the outlined general lines are invited. All those
   willing to participate are kindly invited to submit their
   contributions in a form of extended abstract to the Organizing
   Committee by the end of February 1996, to the address indicated below.
   Earlier applications are solicited. The abstracts will be reviewed for
   acceptance by an international Selection Committee.
   For any information or details, please refer to Ms Elisabetta
   The EL.B.A. Foundation
   Via A. Moro, 17
   57033 Marciana Marina (LI)
   Tel/Fax 39-565-99352
   Tel 39-565-901280
   Fax 39-565-901283
   E-Mail: Elba_Foundation_Conference at pst-elba.it
   WWW: http://www.pst-elba.it/EF/conference.html
   Informations can be found also on World Wide Web at URL above.
   Claudio Nicolini
   EL.B.A. Foundation Conference - June 14-25 1996
   Genome Structure and Function
   Chromatin Structure and Gene regulation by steroid hormones, M. Beato,
   Philipps University Marburg Germany
   Chromosome domains and loops, U.K. Laemmli,
   University of Geneva, Switzerland
   Core Histone Octamer Endoskeleton of Genome Packaging and Regulation,
   E.M. Moundrianakis
   John Hopkins University, USA
   Genesis responsible for tumor progression metastasis, G.Georgiev,
   Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow, Russia
   Genetics of Cancer, W. Cavenee
   Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, La Jolla, USA
   Genomic Instability and Long Range Chromatin Structure and Gene
   Expression, G. Felsenfeld
   National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA
   High Order genome structure and control of cell function, C. Nicolini
   University of Genoa, Italy
   Histone acetylation, chromatin structure and function, B.M. Turner,
   University of Birmingham, UK
   Histone Modulated Transcription, A.P. Wolffe,
   National Institute of Child Health and Human Development,
   Bethesda, USA
   Large Scale chromatin structure and function, A. Belmont,
   University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
   Mapping of DNA domains attached to the nucleus skeleton, S. Razin
   Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow, Russia
   Plant Gene Technology, K. Skryabin,
   Center "Bioengineering", Moscow, Russia
   Production od Pharmaceutical products, V. Bumelis,
   Fermentas, Kaunas, Lithuania
   Signal transduction and genetic control of cell cycle, R.S. Gilmour
   The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK
   Structural study approaches to active chromatin organization, E.M.
   University at Davis, California, USA
   Three dimensional conformation of defined chromatin assemblies,
   C.L. Woodcock
   University of Massachutes, USA
   Tumorigenesis, C.M. Croce
   Jefferson Cancer Institute, Philadelphia, USA

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