Workshop: Proteins at Soft Surfaces

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Thu Sep 7 11:08:35 EST 1995

The 1st Munich Workshop on:

Proteins at Soft Surfaces

March 18-19, 1996

 IBZ, Technische Universitaet München

Organized by : Thomas M. Bayerl, Erich Sackmann, Hermann E. Gaub
Supported by: The Hertie Foundation  and the Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB 266)

We plan to organize a two-day workshop that will be devoted to the subject
of protein and peptide interactions with such amphiphilic surfaces that
are considered as being extemely soft in nature. Lipid model membranes are
probably among the softest of such surfaces and water soluble proteins
interact with them via a number of different mechanisms. Other types of
soft interfaces (monolayers, micelles) are often extremely helpful in
sorting out certain interactions. All soft surfaces are highly dynamical
both on the molecular and the macroscopic scale. Therefore we wish to
focus the workshop on the dynamical and functional aspects of such
interactions and their connections to the softness of the surface. 
The aim is to discuss new ideas, concepts and techniques that help us to
appreciate the role of surface and protein dynamics in this very complex
interplay of different interaction forces at different timescales. A
special emphasis will be given to the discussion of the implications of
(temporal) lateral membrane heterogeneity (e.g. short living domain
formation in fluid membranes) on the interaction with proteins.
We plan to invite plenary lecture talks (40 min.), short oral
contributions (15 min.) and poster presentations on the following topics:

- Interaction forces between soft surfaces and proteins
- Functionalized soft surfaces on a solid support
- Lateral heterogeneity in soft surfaces and protein coupling
- Dynamics of soft surfaces and proteins

The number of participants is limited to 45. The site of the workshop will
be the conference facilities of the "Internationales Begegnungszentrum -
IBZ" of the Technical University Munich that is situated downtown Munich
in the Amalienstrasse. As the intention of this workshop is mainly to
promote discussion of new ideas and concepts, there will be no publication
of contributions or abstracts. We will have morning and evening sessions,
the afternoon will be reserved for discussions. There are no registration

Scientists and graduate students who are interested in joining this
meeting are kindly requested to submit their application together with a
short abstract of their contribution not later than January 30, 1996 to: 

Thomas M. Bayerl,
 Universitaet Wuerzburg,
 Physikalisches Institut EP-5, Am Hubland,
 97074 Wuerzburg 
(phone. 49-931-888-5863 , fax -5851, internet tbayerl at

Those contributions which combine favorably with the topics of the invited
plenary talks will be selected for short oral presentation. Owing to the
limited number of participants applications will be dealt with according
to the date received. 
A second circular with the plenary speakers list and the forms for hotel
reservation will be mailed in November 95 to those who respond to this
first circular.


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