Symposium: Therapeutic Antibody Tech 95

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Thu Sep 14 22:08:09 EST 1995

Andreas Plückthun, Zurich, "Multivalent and Bispecific Antibody Fragments,
Optimized by Protein Engineering" Ira Pastan, NIH, "The Development of
Recombinant Immunotoxins for the Treatment of Cancer" Karl-Erik Hellstrom,
Bristol Myers, "Immunoconjugates and Immunotoxins for Therapy of Human
Carcinoma-A Progress Report" Paul Carter, Genentech, "Knobs Into Holes:
Engineering of Antibody CH3 Domains for Heavy Chain Heterodimerization"
John Reno, NeoRX, "Radiotherapy of Solid Tumors with Antibody
Kevin Johnson, CAT, "Human Antibody Libraries" Andrew Griffiths,
Cambridge, UK, "Phage Display Fab lox Libraries" Dennis Burton, Scripps,
"Library antibodies as Anti-Virals" Carl Borrebaeck, Sweden, "Homogeneous
Selection of Phage derived from in vitro Immunized Human B-Cells" Gary
Barsomian, Genzyme "Selection of High Performance Antibodies to Novel Cell
Surface Markers from Phage Display Libraries" Carlos Barbas, Scripps,
"Enormous synthetic antibody libraries" Aya Jakobvits, Cell Genesys,
"Human Antibodies Produced by Mice Engineered  with Human Ig YAC's"Panel
Discussion:Advantages and limitations of novel approaches for generation
of  human antibodies: Library techniques (Immune vs. naive vs.
semi-synthetic; scFv vs. Fab vs. YAC mice, in vitro immunization) Ian
Tomlinson, Cambridge, UK, "Diversity of human V region repertoire" Tom
Scanlan, UCSF, "Structure and Function of a Catalytic Antibody" Ian
Wilson, Scripps, "Detailed Structure Studies of the Antibody Molecule"
Peter Schultz, UC Berkeley, "Chemical Aspects of Antibodies"  Peter
Hudson, CSIRO, Australia, "Design, 3D-Structure and Affinity
Maturation of Bifunctional Antibodies"  Bob Irving, CSIRO, "Phage Display,
Library Selection and Mutation for the Engineering of Antibody Affinity
and Specificity"
In Vitro Evolution of Antibody Affinity: James D. Marks, UCSF, "Molecular
Evolution of Antibody Affinity Using Phage Display" Willem Stemmer,
Affymax, "Enzyme and Antibody Evolution of by DNA Shuffling" Hennie
Hoogenboom, Netherlands, "High Affinity Human Antibodies by Phage Display"
Peter Pack, Morphosys,  "Optimization Technologies For rapidly Engineering
Multivalent Antibody Fragments"Interactive Workshop: Making Phage Display
Work For You
Phage display has become a powerful tool for isolating novel antibody
specificities and manipulating antibody affinity.  Successful results,
however, have been limited to relatively few laboratories worldwide, and
the technology has been described by some as "non-robust."  This workshop
will: 1) examine the potential uses and limitations of phage antibody
libraries;  and  2) Identify common difficulties encountered when
constructing and manipulating phage antibody libraries. Andrew Hiatt,
Planet Biotech, "Production of Secreting IgA
Antibodies in Plants" Sherie Morrison, UCLA, "Genetically Engineered
Antibodies With Improved Functional Properties" Inder Verma, Salk
Institute, "scFv Targeting of Retroviruses for GeneTherapy" Glen Lilley,
CSIRO, "Rapid Diagnosis of HIV1 and HIV2 Using Recombinant Fab and
extended scFvs with Proteolytically Stabilized Epitopes" Wayne Marasco,
Harvard, "Advances in Intrabodies for Gene Therapy of HIV-1-Infection" 
Jim Huston, "Engineering Single Chain Fv Species with Dual Combiningites"
Louis Weiner, Fox Chase, "Tumor-Targeting Properties of Anti-C-erbB-2 sfv"
Antonio Grillo-Lopez, IDEC, "Effective Immunotherapy of Relapsed B-Cell
Lymphoma with an Anti-CD20 Antibody (IDEC-C2B8)"
Lars Ostberg, Protein Design, "Human and Humanized Monoclonal
Antibodies; Technology and Clinical Application" Martin Rosenberg, SKB,
"Reshaped Human Antibodies for the treatment of RSV infections" Paula M.
Jardieu, Genentech, "Novel Therapeutic Antibodies: Anti-IgE, and
Kerry Chester, Royal Free Hospital, London, "Studies of a phage-derived
anti-CEA scFV" Stephen Squinto, Alexion, "Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy of
Complement-Specific Recombinant Antibodies" George Mark, Merck,
"Therapeutic antibody fragments"

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