bio VR site now allows anonymous web viewing

Eric H. Mercer mercer at
Mon Sep 18 21:05:08 EST 1995

  BioMOO, the virtual meeting place for biologists, is pleased to announce
the availability of a new anonymous web access mechanism.  The "web ghost"
system lets you wander this VR world created by the international biology
community.  Access to the web ghost system is at:

Full presence (live conversation mechanism plus web-based multimedia) is also
available via the BioMOO web gateway at:

Text-only access may be found at:

BioMOO is a virtual meeting place for biologists, connected to the Globewide
Network Academy. The main physical part of the BioMOO is located at the
BioInformatics Unit of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

BioMOO is a professional community of Biology researchers.  It is a
place to come meet colleagues in Biology studies and related fields to
brainstorm, to hold colloquia and conferences, to explore the serious
side of this new medium.

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Division of Biology; 216-76     Pasadena, CA  91125
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