Nitrogen Dynamics Meeting

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Mon Sep 18 21:04:05 EST 1995

Workshop Announcement:

Nitrogen Dynamics in Controlled Systems

September 26 - 28, 1995

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Building 66 Auditorium
Berkeley, California

A small meeting will review the current state of knowledge of nitrogen 
cycles.  Of particular interest will be the operation of such cycles in 
intensively managed closed systems, such as those used for ecosystem 
investigation, controlled environment agriculture or for life support in 
space.  Natural terrestrial examples to be examined include the global 
nitrogen cycle, natural ecosystems (e.g., forests, marshes, grasslands) 
and managed ecosystems (e.g., agricultural, microbial bioreactors, plant 
growth systems).  Artificial abiotic (physical-chemical) industrial 
processes will be considered, including ammonia synthesis, ammonium 
nitrate or urea production, and various processes for conversion (e.g., 
combustion) of organic nitrogen to ammonia, nitrogen oxides, including 
nitrate or dinitrogen.  Comparison of the energetics and mechanisms of 
these biotic and abiotic processes will permit an initial assessment of 
the potential for blending these mechanisms to achieve a stable system 
capable of meeting human life support requirements.

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The meeting is sponsored by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the 
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).For additional 
information, contact:
Gloria Gill 		or	Heather Freeman
(510) 486-4205		(510) 486-4764
(510) 486-7303 fax		(510) 486-7303 fax

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