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Mon Sep 25 18:04:13 EST 1995

 ANNOUNCING: The AAA Protein Superfamily Server


The AAA protein superfamily is a very old invention of evolution and a
fairly recent discovery of science. Over 80 known members in at least 6
families make it difficult to keep an overview. This server is intended to
help by displaying a phylogenetic tree of the superfamily which, as a
clickable map, provides easy access to some basic information, references
and database links for all known AAA proteins (known to me, that is). For
scientists with a non-graphical browser, a list of sequences is provided.
The AAA (for ATPases Associated with various cellular Activities) protein
superfamily is characterized by a highly conserved module of approximately
230 amino acid residues including an ATP binding consensus, present in one
or two copies in the AAA proteins. AAA proteins are found in all organisms
(Archaea, Eubacteria, Eukaryota: Protista, Fungi, Plants, Animals) and are
essential for, e.g., cell cycle functions, vesicular transport,
mitochondrial functions, peroxisome assembly, and proteolysis.
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