HyperSearch: keyword search for HyperCLDB

Paolo Romano paolo at risc1.seas.ucla.edu
Mon Sep 25 18:03:57 EST 1995

Dear bionetters,

this is to announce availability of HyperSearch, the brand new search 
engine that allows for keywords searches within HyperCLDB, the hypertextual 
version of the Cell Line Data Base, available by the Advanced Biotechnology 
Center WWW server (URL: http://www.ist.unige.it).

HyperSearch will allow you to carry out keywords searches in the 
descriptions of all cell lines included in HyperCLDB and, after retrieval, 
you will be able to continue navigation through usual links.

HyperCLDB has also been updated. Current release is version September 1995 
and includes detailed descriptions of 3124 cell lines available in 
European culture collections and laboratories (ca. 26 Mbytes of data). 
Among others are the European Collection of Animal Cell Cultures
(ECACC, Salisbury, UK), the German Collection of Microorganisms and 
Cell Cultures (DSM, Braunschweig, DE), the German Cancer Research Center 
(DKFZ, Heidelberg, DE), the Interlab Cell Line Collection (ICLC, Genoa, IT), 
the Russian Cell Culture Collections (St. Petersburg) and various other 
Italian collections of primary and continuous cell lines.

You are warmly invited to try HyperSearch and navigate HyperCLDB 
starting at http://www.ist.unige.it/tab/HyperSearch.html or at
http://www.ist.unige.it/cldb/indexes.html and send your comments 
to paolo at risc1.ist.unige.it.

Paolo Romano (http://www.ist.unige.it/staff/PR.html)
Paolo Romano is a Research Assistant at the Biotechnology Department 
of the National Institute for Cancer Research of Genoa, 
located in Largo Rosanna Benzi 10, I-16132  Genova, Italy.
You can phone (+39-10-5737-288), fax (+39-10-5737-295) or 
email (paolo at risc1.ist.unige.it) him. He will kindly answer.


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