Final Announcement - BioPharm Career Meeting, Boston

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Fri Apr 26 19:43:54 EST 1996

"The Five Paths to the Science Job Market" Seminar

BioPharm Magazine and The BioPharm Conference is sponsoring a Career
Development Seminar entitled "The Five Paths to the Science Job Market"
which will be held at the upcoming BioPharm Meeting in Boston, MA, on May
6th. A free reception and preview of the exhibit hall, featuring hundreds
of new instruments, reagents, and services, will be available starting at
5:30 PM.  Following the reception, a career seminar will take place.

Leading the seminar will be David G. Jensen, Managing Director of Search
Masters International, Sedona, Arizona, and author of the popular "Your
Career in the Sciences" section of the internet.


The jobs marketplace for the scientist and technical professional does not
operate in the same way as in traditional American industry. Therefore,
usually excellent resources such as the numerous books in the library on
career management can sometimes fail to assist the job seeker. The usual
channels to be explored when in a job search will produce little or no
activity unless they are thoroughly understood.

This presentation will highlight the five methods that scientists have
used successfully to locate new positions. These five are: 1) Answering
ads, 2) Job Fairs, 3) Recruiters, 4) Personal Networking, and 5) The
Internet. The emphasis will be to describe in detail how each of these
"paths" to the job market operate; what makes them unique to the scientist
and technical professional, their "modus operandi"  and the best ways to
optimize each of them for the attendee's personal situation. Particular
emphasis will be placed on the development of a marketing strategy that
will assist the scientist in moving ahead constructively in this
complicated and confusing employment market. Like an experiment gone awry,
a job search conducted with a hodgepodge approach to mailing resumes can
sometimes backfire and actually damage the efforts of the job seeker.

Two important concepts which will come out of this meeting, which can be
taken home and implemented by the participant, include the C-A-R
(Challenge-Approach-Results) self analysis method, and the Centers of
Influence networking approach. Both of these concepts have been designed
by Dave Jensen and written about extensively.

Dates and Times:

The Meeting is May 6th 
Location: Boston, MA - The Westin Hotel Copley Place
Cost: Free to students and educators
Contact: BioPharm Meetings Dept, 541-343-1200 for further details, or show
up on May 6th and see us in the BioPharm registration desk for a badge.

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