Arabidopsis Database WWW Enhancements

David Flanders flanders at genome.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 5 17:26:11 EST 1996

The Arabidopsis thaliana Database project (AtDB) at Stanford University
announces the availability of a fully browsable and searchable Web-version
of the "classic" ACEDB-based database through the World Wide Web.

The old AAtDB database was created in Howard Goodman's lab at MGH and
maintained there until the fall of 1995, when it was transferred to
Stanford. The database now works with the ACEDB software version 4.1. 
Data changes are currently limited to new colleague (contact), reference
and sequence details. 

The WWW view of the database allows easy searching and browsing of the
variety of information contained in AtDB.  This includes links to the
Arabidopsis stock centers, international protein and DNA sequence
databases, and the Medline literature database provided by NCBI.  Many of
the other standard features of this Arabidopsis database have also been
converted to a WWW format. The AtDB project additionally provides BLAST
and FASTA searching of Arabidopsis-only DNA and protein-sequence

We will soon be releasing an ftp (downloadable) updated version of AtDB --
the ACE-based database. This will enable those of you who wish to, to have
your own copy of the ACE-based AtDB. Please be aware, however, that this
will not contain all the information available from the AtDB Web site. It
will not include, for example, BLAST, FASTA, the Arabidopsis Information
Service, Newsgroup archives, and the physical maps of Chromosome IV. 

David Flanders
AtDB Curator

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