WORKSHOP: Growth of Animal Viruses

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Fri Aug 16 13:07:15 EST 1996

    			   OCTOBER 9-11, 1996

		American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, MD

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	email: workshops at / phone: 1-800-359-7370

This three-day hands-on workshop program is geared for the cell 
biologist, molecular biologist, or virology technician in need of an 
overview of propagation, titration, and preservation techniques commonly 
employed in research and clinical laboratories.

Lecture topics will include the principles of Viral Replication, Virus 
Preservation, Freeze Drying, and the Visualizing/Titrating of Virus 
Growth. Laboratory topics will include the growth of influenza in eggs; 
the growth of herpesvirus, rotavirus and retrovirus in tissue culture; 
titration by hemagglutination, plaque assay, fluorescent focal assay, and 
tissue culture infectious dose endpoint; small-scale virus concentration, 
PCR, and the preservation of cell-associated and cell-free virus.

Faculty: Charles Buck, Ph.D., Collection Scientist (Workshop Director); 
Grace Paulino, M.S., Biologist; Denise Jacobs, B.S., Biologist; Hoda 
Khouri, M.S., Biologist; Mengdong Hu, M.D., Research Scientist.

Limited to 24 participants
FEE: $875.00
2.1 CEUs 

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