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				OCTOBER 2-4, 1996

		American Type Culture Collection, Rockville, MD

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This three-day course will cover the principles and hands-on practices of 
light microscopy and photomicrography. The content will be applicable to 
instruments of all major microscope manufacturers.


*     Image formations: geometric optics, wave optics, diffraction, 

*     Koehler Illumination: principles, setting up, diaphragms, conjugate 

*     Clarification of Terms: adjustment distance, focal distance, 
working distance, mechanical tube length, optical tube length, depth of 
field, depth of focus 

*     Numerical Aperture: meaning and formula, relationship to 
resolution, relationship to total magnification, relationship to light 

*     Selection of Equipment: aberrations and corrections, finite and 
infinity-corrected systems, condensers, visual and photo-eyepieces 

*     Contrast Techniques: darkfield, phase contrast, differential 
interference contrast,Hoffman modulation contrast, fluorescence 

*     Selection of Film: color, black/white, ASA and grain, Polaroid 
Filters for Photomicrography: Kelvin temperature and voltage of lamp, 
color conversion filters, color balancing filters, neutral density 
filters, didymium filters,filters for black/white photomicrography 

*     Exposure: metering, reciprocity, reciprocity failure, color 
compensating filters for lengthy 

*     Fluorescence Photomicrography: special considerations 

Faculty: Mortimer Abramowitz, Consultant in Microscopy

Limited to 22 participants
FEE: $875.00
2.1 CEUs 

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