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EPSRC Distributed Computing Programme

Daresbury Laboratory

3-4 September 1996


The Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop will be held this year on
Tuesday and Wednesday, 3rd and 4th September 1996, at Daresbury
Laboratory, Cheshire. This event is part of the EPSRC Distributed
Computing Programme.

The event is designed to assist anyone considering purchasing
hardware or software and comprises a two day lecture programme,
a technical exhibition and an opportunity to access some systems before
the workshop days for remote benchmarking across the Internet.

You are invited to attend. If you are a researcher at a UK university,
there is no charge to attend the event and assistance with travel
and accommodation costs are available. Industrial or commercial
are also welcome, no charge for attendance at the workshop will be made.


As in recent years the workshop is comprised of the following events:

- Scientific Computing Talks

presentations on benchmarking scientific codes, computing support, and
a presentation introducing Linux.

- Vendor Lecture Programme

presentations from all the leading UNIX workstation manufacturers,
(IBM, HP, DEC, SGI and Sun), resellers (Caplin, COTEC, ABC, P&P,
Hamilton), 3rd party peripheral vendors (Q Associates, Phoenix,
transtec) and scientific software houses (FPS, AVS/Uniras, NAG).

- Exhibition

a technical exhibition of the latest in UNIX workstations including
access to benchmark your own codes and a chance to speak to the vendors
technical experts.

- Early Access

some systems will be made available for benchmarking over the network
in advance of the workshop allowing a detailed look at the vendors'
offerings which can be discussed at the event.



-----Early Access for Benchmarking

     o Previously unavailable PA-8000 systems from Hewlett Packard
     o 400Mhz Alpha 600 system from DEC
     o Dual Processor R10000 and R5000 systems from Silicon Graphics
     o Ultra Sparcstation from Sun
     o Benchmarking Access to the Daresbury SP2
     o Pentium Pro systems from NetPower (NT)
     o Pentium Pro running Linux

-----Special Talk

A special talk on Linux will be presented this year by Martin Houston,
the Organiser of the Linux Special Interest Group at the UK Unix User
Group.  Linux is a free implementation of UNIX most commonly found on
Intel based PC hardware and can provide a very cost effective UNIX
workstation. There will be opportunity to benchmark codes on Linux
systems during early access and during the workshop.

-----Representation by major Visualisation Software Vendors

AVS/Uniras, Visual Numerics, NAG and FPS(IDL) are all attending
will demonstration systems.

-----Talks on Backup, SCSI and other peripherals topics

***************************MORE INFORMATION**********************

More information including provisional programme and availability
of benchmark and exhibition machines is provided on the workshop WWW
page at:

Please telephone or email for more information or register enclosing the
following information to:

Royd Whittington    01925 603226  r.whittington at
Tris Green          01925 603657 at

or fax 01925 603230

------------------------REGISTRATION FORM-------------------------------

Full Name _________________________________________________________

Establishment _____________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________



Email _____________________________________________________________

Telephone ___________________________ Fax _________________________

Please book bed and breakfast accommodation for me on

Night of Monday 2nd September  (Y/N) ____

Night of Tuesday 3rd September (Y/N) ____

Additional Information (dietary, access etc) ______________________




Royd Whittington      | Tel: (+44) (0)1925 603226
Daresbury Laboratory  | FAX: (+44) (0)1925 603230
Warrington            | r.whittington at
Cheshire WA4 4AD UK   | Department for Computation and Information

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