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If you are interested in keeping informed about the latest environmental
news, feel free to visit the EnviroLink News Service:


The EnviroLink Network (http://www.envirolink.org), a non-profit
organization, provides this news service free of charge to Internet
users.  Several times a day major news sources (CNN, AP, Reuters, etc.),
as well as smaller news sources (GREENlines, EnviroAction News, etc.) are
filtered for stories relating to the environment.  Some of the topics that
EnviroLink searches for are:  animal rights and welfare, education,
current and pending legislation, socially responsible businesses,
scientific news, non-profit organizations, government agencies and many,
many more.

This service is completely free-- no registration, no fees -- just browse
and educate yourself.   The EnviroLink News Service is a project of the
EnviroLink Network, a  non-profit organization and the largest and most
frequently consulted online environmental information resource on the
planet.  As of April 1996, over 3.5 million people per month were turning
to EnviroLink for the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental
resources available.  EnviroLink also has aided over 350 environmental
non-profit organizations to gain Internet presence via the world wide
web.  As a non-profit organization itself, EnviroLink relies on the
generosity of individual donors, foundations and "appropriate"

For more information about the EnviroLink Network, feel free to visit our
web site at:  http://www.envirolink.org


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The EnviroLink Network
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