NEW: GSDB 1.0 Now Available

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Mon Aug 19 13:00:16 EST 1996

Dear Colleague,

The GSDB conversion is complete.  GSDB 1.0 includes all public DNA sequence and 
feature data.  Sequences and features are accessible in GSDB 1.0 via their 
individual accession numbers in the following form: GSDB:S:12345 for sequences 
and GSDB:F:12345 for features.  GSDB 1.0 also supports a variety of new data 
types, such as discontiguous sequences, alignments, sequence confidence values, 
and analysis results.

As of today, we are able to accept submissions in the new GSDB Input/Output 
(GIO) format. (For specifications on this format, see our website
[].)  We are also offering basic sequence and 
feature retrieval from our website.   Advanced web query methods are under 
development and will be available by the end of September.  

The new GSDB Annotator (beta version) will be available in the same time 
frame.  The Annotator is a graphical client/server application for Macintosh or 
Sun that allows users direct account-controlled read and write access to the 

If you have any questions, please check our website at [] or give 
us a call at (505) 982-7840.

Thank you.

NCGR Staff

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