FlyBase Server Changes

FlyBase Project Members flybase at
Fri Aug 30 18:29:12 EST 1996

			FlyBase Server Changes

FlyBase has begun to reorganize its World Wide Web access facilities in
order to provide an improved variety of services in equivalent form at
several sites worldwide.  The primary URL for FlyBase access is now

There are four additional locations worldwide that provide the same
services.  These include: (in the U.K.) (in Australia) (in Japan)   (at Harvard University)

Each of these sites offers you the choice of four views of FlyBase.  One
of these views (the "Topics" view) has much in common with the view of
FlyBase previously offered from  Another view (the
"Contents" view) is based on the view previously offered from and the FlyBase mirror sites.  We will be
measuring how much use people make of each of the alternative views, and
we welcome comments and suggestions regarding any of them.

The old FlyBase URL at is no longer supported.  Many
things at that URL will nevertheless continue to function.  Some things
there will stop functioning, and when that happens you will be given the
option of choosing one of the five FlyBase server locations.  That same
function (possibily in improved form) should be available there.  If you
have difficulty locating that or believe it to be missing, please report
your problem to us at flybase-help at

In a few weeks the primary URL for FlyBase at Indiana University is
expected to change to

We will announce that change when it happens, and we will endeavor to 
make the old URLs transfer you automatically to the new servers when
this transition is complete.

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