Announcement: EMBO Course Yeast Two Hybrid/Interaction Trap

Horst Ibelgaufts Ibelgauf at
Wed Feb 14 14:50:05 EST 1996

An EMBO Course on Yeast Two Hybrid/Interaction Trap System will take place
at the Genzentrum (Gene Center) at Munich between October 7 th and 18th

The practical course will cover the following topics: 

Introduction to basic yeast techniques 
High efficiency transformation of yeast cells 
Characterization of "bait" proteins (intrinsic activation potential, yeast
nuclear expression) 
Detection of bait expression by Western blotting 
Yeast interaction screening 
Interaction specificity testing (elimination of "false positives") 
Plasmid recovery from yeast 
Methods for detection of protein-protein interaction in vitro 

Invited speakers from many different areas of molecular biology will give
seminars on their work and experiences with the yeast two-hybrid screening

For further details see:

or write to the organizers at

GenZentrum EMBO Course
Würmtalstr. 221, 81375 München, Germany


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