Courses on Freeze Drying of Biological Material

Andre W. Schram bioup at
Wed Feb 14 15:14:27 EST 1996

The BioUpdate Foundation is offering two intensive seminars to address
key factors which govern the stability and properties of freeze-dried
biomaterials during processing and storage. Participants will gain an
understanding of: 

*the effective application of complex inter-relationships between
physical, chemical, engineering and economic principles basic to
successful freeze-drying; 
*how to best coordinate formulation and process development; 
*freeze-drying as a means of improving product presentation and

Each seminar is divided into six teaching sessions over two days and
will cover the elements necessary for combining theory with practice,
process economy with high yield, product formulation and extended shelf
life. An evening reception will be followed by four teaching sessions
on day 1. The seminar will continue on the morning of day 2 and
conclude in the early afternoon. Each participant will receive a full
set of lecture notes.

Information at the BioUpdate Homepage at
E-mail address: bioup at

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