Molecular Modelling Workshop

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Wed Feb 21 17:58:00 EST 1996

   Organised by the CTI Centres for Chemistry and Biology at the
   University of Liverpool and the Information Services, Learning and
   Research Support Division at the University of Birmingham
                        Thursday 28th March 1996
                        University of Birmingham

  Provisional Programme
   10.00 Registration
   10.45 Talks
   Strategies for using molecular modelling in teaching
   Prof James Crabbe, University of Reading
   Teaching molecular modelling over the world wide web
   Prof Peter Murray-Rust, Glaxo Wellcome/Birkbeck College
   Molecular dynamics in the context of molecular modelling
   Dr Jonathan Goodman, University of Cambridge
   13.00 Buffet lunch
   14.00 Interactive session
   Software demonstrations
   Hands-on activity
   17.00 Close

   This workshop is aimed at those academics in the higher education
   sector who use or wish to use computers in their teaching of molecular
   The workshop will cover many aspects of the use of molecular graphics
   in teaching; from structure drawing, through molecular graphics and on
   to molecular dynamics.

   We have invited three speakers from the academic field to pass on
   their experience.
   Prof James Crabbe was a co-developer of DeskTop Molecular Modeller, a
   popular molecular graphics package for use with students. He will talk
   about approaches to the use of PC-based molecular modelling with
   Prof Peter Murray-Rust is visiting professor at Birkbeck College and
   is the prime mover behind the innovative advanced molecular modelling
   course offered by Birkbeck across the world wide web.
   Dr Jonathan Goodman teaches molecular modelling methods and covers the
   use of molecular dynamics in the analysis of structure of small
   organic molecules and large biomolecules.

   We have also invited a number of commercial producers and suppliers of
   software in the molecular graphics area. These will be available,
   during the afternoon session, to demonstrate their products and allow
   participants 'hands-on' experience with a variety of products.
   We are also seeking contributions from academics who use molecular
   graphics in their teaching. If you have a software application or
   poster to demonstrate then please let us know.

   For academics: 5 pounds per person
   For others: 50 pounds per person
   We have arranged for a number of rooms in a local hall of residence to
   be made available for the night of Wednesday 27th March at 22.25
   pounds plus VAT. Let us know if you require accommodation. If staying
   at the hall you will be required to pay for accommodation when leaving
   on the morning of Thursday 28th March.
   If you wish to contribute to or attend the workshop, please contact:
		CTI Centre for Chemistry,
		Donnan Laboratories
		University of Liverpool
		P.O. Box 147
		Liverpool L69 3BX

		Tel: 0151 794 3576
		Fax: 0151 794 3586
		Email: ctichem at

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