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BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Mon Jan 1 04:00:06 EST 1996


As of 10 December 1995 all bionet newsgroups were made accessible
through the World Wide Web at our URL

Please click on the "Access the BIOSCI/bionet Newsgroups" hyperlink.
One can both read and post to all full newsgroups in addition to doing
WAIS searches on each group and browsing the archives through our new
hypermail interface.  This service alleviates the need to subscribe by
e-mail and also makes it possible to access the latest postings
quickly if you have problems with your local news USENET system or
have an unreliable newsfeed.

The following new newsgroups were created last month.  Please check
the BIOSCI info sheet in a subsequent posting for details:

DEEPSEA/bionet.biology.deepsea    Research in deep-sea marine biology,
                                    oceanography, and geology

** = moderated newsgroup.

The following newsgroups were converted from unmoderated to moderated

No conversions last month.

The following new prototype newsgroups were created last month.
Please check the section on prototype newsgroups near the end of the
BIOSCI info sheet for details:

bioherv at     Discussions about human endogenous retroviral elements.

IMPORTANT - What to do if new bionet USENET groups do not appear at
^^^^^^^^^   your site.

As of December 1995 you can stop worrying about this problem and use
the Web to access the newsgroups at URL  However
users who want to use their local USENET newsreaders should read on.

As automatic creation of new USENET newsgroups becomes less common at
most sites, users may have to check with their local news
administrators periodically to ensure that they are receiving a
complete set of bionet USENET newsgroups.  The "bionet Checkgroups
Message" is a BIOSCI WWW page option under the BIOSCI documentation
section mentioned above.  News administrators should regularly use
this checkgroups script, e.g., once a month, to ensure that the latest
bionet USENET newsgroups are available on their news system.  The
checkgroups message is automatically posted to the "control" newsgroup
on the first of each month, so your news administrator should be
alerted automatically by e-mail if bionet groups are missing at your
site.  Nonetheless they will still have to read and take manual action
on the output of this e-mail if automatic newsgroup creation is
disabled locally.

In summary, if you can't find new bionet newsgroups in your
newsreader, please call this checkgroups feature to the attention of
your news administrator.  Please also check the BIOSCI FAQ for
instructions on solving other common news propagation problems.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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