Symposium on Cultural as well as Genetic Affinities

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Mon Jan 8 08:56:15 EST 1996

         Symposium on Cultural as well as Genetic Affinities among
            the indigenous peoples in Taiwan and Southeast Asia

                              Call for Papers

      The Institute of Ethnology in Academia Sinica on Taiwan announces
    an International symposium on Comparative Studies of Indigenous
    People of Taiwan and Southeast Asia.  The seminar will be held in
    Taipei between May 21 and 23, 1996.  The seminar committee call for
    papers on the above theme focusing on the ethnic affinities between
    the two geographic area (e.g.  Yami of Taiwan vs.  Batan of the
    Philippines).  This theme can be approached from either Genetic or
    Social/Cultural perspective.

      This area study is around South China Sea.  Targeted ethnic groups
    include (but not limited to):  Taiwan (all major aborigines), the
    Philippines (Batan, Apayao, Kalinga, Ifugao, Hanunoo, Tagbanua,
    Manobo, Bukidnon, Subanun, and Badjaos), Vietnam (Rhade, Jardi, and
    Cham), Malaysia (Malay, Minangkabau, Jakun, Moken), and Indonesia
    (Iban, Kayan, Dusun, Penan, Murut, Melanau, Kelabit, Land Dayak,
    and Ngaju).  All kinds of socio cultural (including myth and legend)
    and material cultural comparisons between any groups aforementioned
    are welcome.  Genetic studies such as red blood cell, HLA
    (including Class 1 and 2), G6PD, and thalassemia which focuses on
    any previously mentioned groups are particularly welcome.

      To participate in this symposium, please send an English abstract
    of one letter-size page to the symposium organizer:

        Dr. Mutsu Hsu
        Inst. of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taipei 115, Taiwan, ROC
        Fax: 886-2-651-3426 or 886-2-785 5836
        E-mail:  sympos96 at

      The deadline for abstract is Febuary 1st, 1996 and the paper is
    due on April 15, 1996.  We reserve the right to base our selection
    not only on quality but also on possibilities for panels.  For
    accepted panelists, we offer round trip air-fare and five days
    accommodation at the Guest House of Academia Sinica.  Should you
    have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Mutsu Hsu at
    the above addresses.

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