icl'96 - Int. conf. on Luminescence, second circular

Jan Hala halaicl at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Jan 12 08:44:08 EST 1996

Announcement: 	the second circular, call for abstracts

Name: 	ICL'96 (International Conference on Luminescence and  Optical 
Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter)

Date: 		August 18-23, 1996

Location: 	Palace of Culture, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

Deadline: 	deadline for abstracts is 1st March 1996

Organizer: 	Charles University and Czech Academy of Sciences

	ICL`96 Chair - Jan HALA
	Department of Chemical Physics and Optics
	Faculty of Mathematics and Physics 
	Charles University
	Ke Karlovu 3
	CZ-121 16 PRAGUE 2

	E-mail: 		halaicl at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
	Phone:		(+42-2)  2191-1306, -1248, -1421
	Fax:		(+42-2)  2191-1249

	abstract to:
	Professor Peter Reineker
	Universita:t Ulm
	Abteilung fu:r Theoretische Physik
	Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
	D-89081 Ulm 

Internet references:
	WWW site:	http://kchf-45.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/html/icl.htm
	FTP site: 	ns.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/pub/ICL96/

Brief description:

1.    Bulk semiconductors
2.    Rare-earth and Transition-Metal Ions in  Insulators
3.    Microstructures and Restricted Geometries
4.    Disordered and Amorphous Materials
5.    Organic Materials
6.    Fluorescent Probes
7.    Biological Systems
8.    Point Centers and Defects in Crystals
9.    Scintillators
10.  Non-linear Processes
11.  Ultra-fast Phenomena
12.  Coherent Processes 
13.  Excitons and Collective Phenomena
14.  Energy Transfer and Dynamics
15.  Electroluminescence
16.  Fluorescence Microscopy
17.  Applications in Ecology
18.  Novel Techniques 
19.  Others

The scope of  ICL'96 is open to all aspects of fundamental and applied 
luminescence research, including both experimental and theoretical 
investigations. However, in selecting the contributed and poster 
papers, priority will be given to those with the topics above. The 
organizers of ICL'96 also want to present  luminescence applications 
in modern technologies, such as:
-  LED and semiconductor lasers
-  new luminescence materials
 - solid state laser materials
 - scintillators
 - non-linear organic and inorganic materials
 - ecological monitoring.
We believe that in the program we will find a good equilibrium both 
between theoretical and experimental aspects of luminescence research, 
and between presentations of inorganic, organic and biological systems 
and materials.

Out of  many suggestions the International Program Advisory Committee 
has selected the following topics for plenary lectures. Lecturers have 
been invited according to the recommendations of IPAC.
I. Plenary lectures
1. Scanning near field microscopy
2. Light harvesting systems
3. Classical phosphors
4. Electroluminescent organic glasses 
5. Quantum coherence
6. Optical microcavities in condensed matter systems
7. ICL Price winner lecture

Up to now IPAC has chosen the following special symposia:

II. Symposia
1. Luminescence and modern trends in solid state lasers
2. Near field microscopy and single molecule spectroscopy
3. Quantum coherence
4. Less conventional nanostructured materials
5. Applications: display, amplifier, communication
6. Ultrafast spectroscopy in liquids
7. Organized molecular systems

Additional symposia will be formed  out of  the accepted abstracts.
The names of the plenary and invited speakers together with symposia 
chairmen will be announced and updated later at the ICL''96 WWW home 
page and FTP site and distributed by mail as well as other actualized 

In  order to prepare a high quality scientific ICL`96 program (special 
symposia, oral and poster presentations) the abstract deadline must be 
1st March 1996. All abstracts should be sent to Peter Reineker, 
Chairman of IPAC.
Notification of acceptance of the abstracts to oral or  poster 
presentation will be mailed during April 1996. About 250 contributions 
will be invited to prepare papers for submission to the Journal of  
Luminescence. This preselection will be made on the bases of the 
quality of the abstracts. These papers will be collected at the 
conference in Prague. All these papers will undergo a regular 
referring procedure. 

The ICL Prize (1000 US$) will again be granted in recognition of 
outstanding contributions and achievements in luminescence research 
and applications. The winner of the ICL''96 Prize will be invited to 
speak at a special plenary session of the ICL'96 Conference.
All scientists working in the field of luminescence are eligible to be 
considered for the Prize. The award will recognize the accomplishments 
of an individual in theory, experiment or in applications.  The 
contributions must have had a recognizable impact on the science or 
technology of light emissive properties and materials.  No time 
limitations are placed on the work to be cited.
The ICL'96 Prize Committee is actively soliciting nominations for the 
Prize which will be awarded at the conference. Nominations must be 
received by April 1996 to be considered. Nomination forms and 
additional information can be obtained from: 
M. J. Weber, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720 
Fax - (510) 486-4768, e-mail: mjweber at lbl.gov

According to the tradition, an exhibition of instruments, components 
and material pertinent to research and development in optical 
spectroscopy and solid state physics will be organized simultaneously 
(August 18 to 21, 1996) at the conference location.

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