SIM Winter Regional Meeting

Theodore C. Crusberg crusberg at WPI.EDU
Fri Jan 12 08:44:35 EST 1996

The Winter Northeast Regional Meeting of the Society for Industrial
Microbiology will be held on Feb. 6, 1996, at the Whitehead Institute
for Biomedical Research, Cambridge Center MA from 2-5 PM.
Kin Sing (Ray) Lam, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, "Esperamicins:
Nutritional requirements for production, biosynthesis and mechanism of

Eva Kashket, Boston Univ. Sch. Med., "Stability and stabilization of
pharmaceutical proteins".

Alexander Klibanov, Chem Dept., MIT, "Stability and stabilization of
pharmaceutical proteins"

Reception and Dinner:  Whitehead Cafeteria, 5:30 PM, $30 ($15 for
Send (and make out ck.) to:  New England Section of SIM, Dr. A. Fang,
68-223 Biology Dept., MIT, Cambridge MA 02139.  If you cannot make the
dinner please come to the meeting (no charge for the meeting but
please let us know you are coming anyway).

If you want a complete copy of the meeting announcement faxed please
e-mail your fax number and address to: crusberg at

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