Claude Discala discala at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Fri Jan 12 21:56:51 EST 1996

A New Bio E-mail server available at INFOBIOGEN.

This mail server allows you to retrieve records by keyword searching
(like the E-mail server at the NCBI), in dbEST, Genbank, Embl, Swissprot.
These searchs can be process on the release or on the updates.

As soon as possible, more databases will be available.

NOTA:   This service is an experimental service, all your comments
----    will be the wellcome ( retrieve-help at infobiogen.fr )

To receive the instructions for use, you have just to send
an E-mail to retrieve at infobiogen.fr
with "datalib <name-of-the-bank> help" in the body.
(bank = genbank embl or dbest)

Just try it !

Claude Discala
discala at infobiogen.fr

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