Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing '97

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 Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing '97

                     Call for Session Proposals

The Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing (PSB-97) is an international,
multidisciplinary conference for the presentation and discussion of
current research in the theory and application of computational
methods in problems of biological significance. Papers and
presentations are rigorously peer reviewed and are published in
an archival proceedings volume.

PSB-97 will be organized into sessions focusing the meeting on
rapidly advancing areas of research. Each session has one or
more organizers who coordinate the solicitation and review of
submitted papers for that session. This is a call for proposals
for sessions of PSB-97.

Each session proposal must include:

* A title and brief description.

* 1-2 page justification for the session, presenting evidence
   that the session is likely to attract a sufficient number of
   high quality submissions, and that the session topic is
   coherent, timely and significant.

* Names and brief biographies of session chairs, with emphasis
   on their ability to organize a successful session and
   provide the necessary infrastructure. Please include full contact
   information including telephone, email, fax and physical address.

* Proposals that allow for presentations other than peer
   reviewed papers (e.g. workshops or panel discussions) must
   describe the method by which speakers would be selected.

* A list of potential paper reviewers and submittors.

For illustration, previous PSB meetings included paper
presentation session in the general areas of molecular visualization,
biomolecular evolution, genome informatics and protein structure;
discussion sessions on hybrid quantum and classical mechanical models,
control systems in biology, design of protease inhibitors and
population modeling; and workshops on biocomputing education and
internet applications. We encourage submission of proposals related
to previous session topics as well as novel areas.

Important Dates:

        Session proposals due: January 29, 1996
        Session selections announced: February 10, 1996
        Paper reviewing (time of most work): July - August 15, 1996
        Camera ready copy due: September 15, 1996
        Conference date: January 6-9, 1997 at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, 

Session proposal should be sent, preferably by email, to: psb at

Or fax/regular mail to :
Interactive Simulations, Inc.
Attn: Sharon Surles-PSB
5330 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 203
San Diego, CA 92121
Phone: +1 (619) 658-9782
FAX: +1 (619) 658-9463

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