Mentors sought for Science Education Project

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Mon Jan 15 10:42:33 EST 1996

We are engaged in a science education research and development effort under funding from the U.S. 
Department of Education.  Our project focuses on using Internet-based curricula and resources to 
supplement science education for physically disabled precollegiate students. Our initial work focuses 
on visually and hearing impaired students, with the test population located at the West Virginia School 
for the Deaf and the Blind.  Our project involves teaming students with mentors for a one month effort 
involving original research in environmental sciences (forest ecosystems) and the establishment of an 
on-line referred journal to report the results of their work.  We are seeking mentors for this effort. 
Mentors should have a strong background in science, although it is not necessary that it be in 
environmental sciences.  Mentors are sought who have experience in field research, the use of 
computer models in science, publication and editing, and the management of R&D efforts.  Mentors 
with environmental science experience are, of course, also being sought.  The project will occur in 
March and the workload on mentors should be modest, ranging from two to eight hours over the 
month of e-mail interactions.   We are also seeking sites (Web only) which contain environmental data 
or environmental science material to which we can refer students. 

Thank you for your help
Phil Speser,
Principal Investigator

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