Course on Genome Structure and Function

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Wed Jan 31 18:00:09 EST 1996

                        EL.B.A. Foundation - Fondazione EL.B.A.
                        ELectronics Biotechnolgy Advanced

               2nd EL.B.A. Foundation Course on Genome A NATO
                        Advanced Study Institute on

                        "GENOME STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION"

sponsored by North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Scientific Affairs Division

Marciana Marina, Isle of Elba (Italy) 13-23 June 1996

Co-sponsored by:
EL.B.A. Foundation, COBIOTECH, Italian Ministry of University and Scientific
and Technological Research, Polo Nazionale Bioelettronica, Technobiochip,
Raggio Italgene


14-17 June 1996
Primary Structure : Gene Structure-Function

18-21 June 1996
Higher Order Structure and its Role in the Control of Cell Function

22-23 June 1996
Gene Technology

For a detailed program  and subscriptions:

or contact:
Dr.ssa Elisabetta Cristiano
EL.B.A. Foundation
Via A.Moro 17, 57033 Marciana (LI), ITALY
Tel.:+39-565-901280, Fax:+39-565-901283

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