Conference Announcement: Genetic Testing & Communities of Color

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Fri Jul 5 00:46:56 EST 1996

                 Fifth Annual Health Law Symposium

                Seton Hall University School of Law
                    Health Law & Policy Program

                     PURPOSE, VOICE, AND VALUES  

                           November 8, 1996
                                         Seton Hall University
Newark, New Jers           ey

As the first fruits of the international Human Genome Mapping and Sequencing
Project, society can expect a flood of new genetic testing technologies and
genetic information.  Given the differing cultural values and needs of minority
and disadvantaged communities, communities of color may experience special
challenges when confronted with such information.  This symposium will examine
the successes and failures of past genetic testing programs, discuss the need
for community education and participation in such programs, explore the
relevance of genetic information to communities of color, and recommend 
methods  for incorporating community values and perspectives into any future
testing programs. 

Speakers will include:

Anita Allen, Georgetown Law School
Dorothy Wertz, Shriver Center for Mental Retardation
Lori Andrews, Chicago-Kent Law School
Fatimah Jackson, University of Maryland Department of Anthropology
Dorothy Roberts, Rutgers-Newark School of Law
Lisa Ikemoto, Loyola of Los Angeles Law School
James Bowman, University of Chicago
Laura Nsiah Jefferson, New Jersey Department of Health
Robert Murray, Howard University Department of Medical Genetics

For more information, please call the program director, Professor Kathleen
Boozang -- Voice: (201) 642-8871; Fax: (201) 642-8194; e-mail:
                     boozanka at

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