SCIENCE: Chesapeake Bay Pesticide Database

Bill Feidt wfeidt at
Wed Jul 17 15:25:24 EST 1996

The National Agricultural Library is pleased to announce availability
of a scientific dataset via its AgNIC server:

 Data Base of the Occurrence and Distribution of Pesticides 
                    in Chesapeake Bay


The data was collected and published by W. Edward Johnson, an Agricultural 
Research Service (ARS) scientist.  Collaborating with Dr. Johnson, NAL has 
taken his dataset, in tab-delimited format, and created an HTML version 
suitable for presentation on the Web. We hoped that this product will serve 
as an example of how libraries and scientists can cooperatively deliver such 
information in an electronic environment.

This Web implementation relies heavily on HTML tables and viewing it requires
a table-capable browser (e.g., Netscape 1.2+, MSIE, Mosaic 2.0+).  Users
may access the data through any of four indexes: Bibliographic Citation;
Location; Pesticide Name; or Species Name.  Neither the geographic nor species
indexes were not part of the original publication. These were extracted and
generated specifically for this HTML version. Keyword search capability is
also available.

Any comments, suggestions, and ideas are most welcome and should be directed 

                agnic at

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