ifoam’96 - Book of Abstracts on-line now!

Rolf V. Oestergaard rvo at pip.dknet.dk
Wed Jul 31 23:25:35 EST 1996

The complete Book of Abstracts for the 11th IFOAM Scientific
Conference, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark 11-15 August 1996 is now

If You have not yet registered for this important event, check out
what You will miss and rush Your registration to the ifoam’96
secretariat - better today than tomorrow:

     Blegdamsvej 4
     DK-2200 Copenhagen
     Email: ifoam96 at login.dknet.dk
     Web: http://login.dknet.dk/~ifoam96/

If You have already registered for the conference, thank You! We look 
forward to see You here in Copenhagen. Prepare Your conference now, by

looking through all the interesting abstracts right here on the net. 
When You arrive at the conference, a typeset and printed book will be 
ready for You.

The ifoam’96 Book of Abstracts is online now. Go directly to:


Thanks for Your time, see You in Copenhagen!

-    ifoam’96 
     ifoam96 at login.dknet.dk

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