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>                  Research, Education and Ecotourism Trip
>               14 Day Excursion in the Brazilian Rainforest
>                            JULY 6 - 20, 1996
>       PURPOSE: To experience, understand and explore conservation,
> research, education and ecotourism opportunities in the Brazilian Amazon.
> This trip is designed to people interested in knowing first hand what is
> happening in the Brazilian Amazon Basin today in terms of conservation
> perspectives and ongoing research, to students and scholars interested
> in conducting  research in the tropical rain forest in Brazil, and also
> to those individuals interested in having an unforgetable educational
> experience.
>       This project is sponsored by Conservation Education, Human
> Adaptability and Biodiversity in Amazonia (CEHAB), an Ohio State
> University based not-for-profit Organization and by Museu Paraense
> Emilio Goeldi (MPEG-Brazil) a 130 years old Federal research institution
> in the Amazon Basin (The host Institution in Brazil).
>       The trip will be guided by Hilton P. da Silva, M.S., M.D.  a native
> from the Amazon Basin currently finishing his Ph.D. in Medical
> Anthropology/Public Health at The Ohio State University (OSU), and an
> expert in Amazon conservation and biodiversity. Other scholars and scientists
> from Brazil will join us along the trip.
>        - The Ferreira Penna Research Station, a pristine tropical
> rain forest area preserved by the MPEG exclusively for research, the
> Station is located 300 miles from Belem the capital of the State of Para
> and accessible only by MPEG boats. The Station receives only invited
> researchers, and special guests such as our group.
>        - A Native Caboclo settlement, where we will have the opportunity to
> interact with the local population, visit their houses and understand
> their tradtional lifestyle
>        - Belem, the oldest city in Northern Brazil and the gate to the
> Amazon River.
>        - The Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi (MPEG) one of the oldest and
> most respected Federal research institutions in Brazil.
>        - Mosqueiro, a fresh water beach with all the excitement and
> beauty of the Brazilian nature and people.
>        - Scenic airplane trip over Marajo Island. The largest fluvial
> island in the world.
>        - and Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and one of the most modern,
> and dynamic cities in the world.
>       COSTS
>       Since this is a not-for-profit activity the trip's price is only
> $2,890.00 (DBO) per person for the entire fourteen days period. The price
> includes roundtrip airfare from Miami, Florida, to Belem, all hotels, all
> guided tours, all ground, river and airplane transportation inside Brazil,
> all anthropological and ecological presentations and most meals.
>       For further details please contact Dr. Hilton P. da Silva
>       (Phone: 614 - 294-5875, Fax: 614 - 292-4155, or
>       Please check our Web Site (Courtesy of Dr. David Newman, UK):
>       Information is also available at the OSU Anthropology site:

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