two-hybrid data base project started

Ilya Serebriiskii ilya at
Thu Jun 13 16:25:19 EST 1996

To the two-hybrid community,

        We are at last posting the data from our survey of which false 
positives or 
"trash" are most frequently obtained in library screening using the 
Trap (IT) yeast two-hybrid system. These data can be found at our Web 

        This information can be better seen with the browsers like 
Netscape 1.1 or 
later versions:  unaccountably, formatting of Tables is lost in 
versions. If you are unable to access this information and you would 
like a copy 
of the results emailed or faxed directly to you, please let us know. 
        The data presented on the web page will be updated occasionally 
as new 
information comes in.  If you had not completed your IT at the time of 
initial survey, and if now you have information from a screen,  we 
would greatly 
appreciate it if you contacted us (a copy of our questionnaire will be 
sent to 
you if necessary).  
        Thank you, again, for your feedback!


Erica A. Golemis
Ilya Serebriiskii
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>The Fox Chase Cancer Center
>7701 Burholme Avenue
>Philadelphia, PA 19111
>(215) 728-3885

Dr. Erica Golemis at :
The Fox Chase Cancer Center
7701 Burholme Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
(215) 728-2860
Internet: EA_Golemis at

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