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Foundation Clinica Planas on ocasion of the XI International Course on =

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery has opened the 1st Virtual Course of =

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in the Internet. Please chek it over at the =



Our aim is to provide a new educational tool for residents and health =

professionals by providing the oportunity to partcipate  for free in one =

of the most recognized courses of the speciallity.
With this First Virtual Course, we would like to extend a reference point =

to all those professionals around the world interested in keeping ahead =

of the latest trends in our profession, and we have opened communication =

forums for plastic surgeons world-wide, where proffessionals can attend, =

consult, ask and respond to questions, purpose or discuss ideas whenever =

they wish, and from wherever they might be at the moment.

These are the forums already open, and the Professors oficially invited:

	Facial Rejuvenation:
Nicanor G.Isse M.D., Frad NahaiM.D., Luiz S. Toledo M.D., James M.Stezin, =

Bahman Guyuron M.D., Bruce F.Conell M.D., Thomas J.Baker M.D..

	Reconstructive Surgery:
Fran=E7oise Firmin M.D., Gary C. Burget M.D., Stephen J.Mathes M.D., Paul =

Tessier M.D., Foad Nohai M.D.

Johon. B. Tebbets M.D., Gary C. Burget M.D., Bahaman Guyuron M.D., F. =

Ortiz Monasterio M.D., Jaime Planas M.D.

	Liposcuplture and laser:
Isaac Kaplan M.D., Bahman Guyuron M.D., Thomas J.Baker M.D., James M. =

Stuzin M.D., Luiz S. Toledo M.D.

These forums will be officially opened on June 19, evereyone interested =

will have acces to the speeches and participation of the Professors =

officially invited to the Course, asking them any questions they wish, =

but participation is welcome from right now.
Also, slides and videos ilustrating the latest technique are available to =

be downloaded.

The First Virtual Course on Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, is an =

initiative supported by:
American Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS), American =

Society of Plastic an Reconstructive Surgery/Plastic Surgery Educational =

Foundation (ASPRS/PSEF) and the International Plastic  Reconstructive and =

Aesthetic Society (IPRAS).

P.S.: Please visit the site and consider it a `Beta version=B4, there is =

still a lot to improve: we are going to open new forums, create a large =

surgery image and video source and add  some other new features. We need =

your advice and comments, please DO NOT HESITATE to send them to me, and =

 if you think that we=B4ve done a good  job let us know...

Sincerely yours, and waiting for response:

		Jorge Meneses Berastegui.
		Web Master.
		bluspot at nexus.rednsi.com

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