Stress Congress in Budapest -- 1-5 July 1997

Csermely Peter csermely at
Thu Jun 20 17:58:40 EST 1996

There will be 

an International Congress of Stress
in Budapest, Hungary
1-5 July 1997

Scope of the congress: an interdisciplinary discussion
commemorating the 90th birth anniversary of Hans Selye

Conference topics:

1. Molecular aspects of stress
2. Stress adaptation of membranes
3. Cellular stress in prokaryotes
4. Cellular stress in eukaryotes
5. Stress in plants
6. Stress in animals and men
7. Stress and medicine
8. Bio-psycho-social stress
9. Methods of stress-related research

For more information 
and for the first announcement please contact the congference secretariat:

Dr. Peter Csermely
Department of Medical Chemistry
Semmelweis University
P.O.Box 260
H-1444 Budapest
FAX: +361-266-6550
email: stress at

or for more information and on-line registration
visit our www page:


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